mandaflewaway: 28-42

  • 28. Your music
    idk if i’ll ever live up to my hero’s, but songwriting is a cathartic and rewarding practice that calms my nerves, i highly recommend it.  I really hate my youtube recording quality. but it’s up on the best recordings i’ve had were with my old band here Hits Home, not gonna link it but a quick google search will bring it up. 
  • 29. Your writing
    also really cathartic and rewarding,  it’s been a while since i’ve written a poem over a song, but poems are cool because they can be more abstract than a song. my poems are on
  • 30. Your philosphies
    Ha a mixture of Discordianism(kind of like an absurdist Tao/Mysticism/Hakuna-Matata-ism
  • 31. Your sexuality
    Only really reflected on this in the past year. Demi / Pan.  All genders can be attractive, i’ve only dated cis-women for the most part though.
  • 32. Your likes
    long/night drives; cookie dough; surfing the airwaves with my hands out the car window; strange/taboo/unusual things; learning new things; the wind in the trees; making/sharing/collaborating on art; when the hair stands up on my neck because someone said/did something nice for me; the new girl on repeat rn
  • 33. Your dislikes
    chewing gum; ignorant/slow moving people;  when people confuse capitalism for  markets; broken strings; being a broke adult; wage slavery; when i misspeak; being tickled
  • 35. Your fetishes
    well by my blog the obvious one would be cunnilingus.  butts over boobs any day.  i like trying new things.  i can switch but i’d rather be the s in a D/s. 
  • 36. Your turn-offs
    bad personality; i cant talk/be myself around them; chewing gum
  • 37. Your first sexual experience
    i was visiting my hs sweetheart at her college, it was on the top bunk, i’m pretty sure fall out boy was playing in the background.
  • 38. Your last sexual experience
    tbh i don’t really remember the last time, it was like 6 months ago in my bed.
  • 39. Your fantasies
    leaving everything behind and becoming a vagabond
  • 40. Your favorite games
    the bioshock series; final fantasy 7 or 10; GoW 3; D&D; pokemon yellow; dynasty warriors; risk; texas hold em
  • 41. Your favourite books
    slaughterhouse five; 1984; fight club; the scarlett letter; lolita
  • 42. Your favourite play
    hmmm west side story was my favorite musical growing up.